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Information for English-speaking customers

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Here you'll find informations for international customers: Information about right hand drive parts, VAT, worldwide shipping & costs, delivery time, payment and more!

• Are these products really GENUINE and new parts from SEAT, VW, Audi, Skoda?
Our focus is to trade with genuine parts from SEAT, VW, Audi and Skoda. Because of this about 98% from our assortment of goods are genuine parts directly from SEAT, VW, Audi and Skoda in best Volkswagen-quality! At each genuine product in shop description you'll find the notice that it's an genuine product. Of course all parts are new

• Worldwide shipping possible? How much shipping costs? Combined shipping of more products?
We already supplied about 70 coutries in the world. We ship worldwide!
Shipping costs you'll find at each product description at the "Shipping Costs"-link. After you clicked to this link you'll see the shipping costs for all possible countries.
Save costs at combined shipping: If you buy more products (equal if more of the same or completely different products) you will only pay ONE TIME shipping costs.

• Possible payment methodes?
PAYPAL and bank-transfer (BIC/IBAN). Other payment-methodes only possible for customers in Germany and Austria

• How long take delivery?
To Germany+Austria: See German shop informations. Another countries:
EUROPE: ca. 2-14 businessdays - especially to destinations in middle- and western-europe and to congested areas the package will often reach destination fast. To more remote areas/countries or coutries outside EU the package will sometimes reach destination slow.
OUTSIDE EUROPE: Very different, ca. 4-15 businessdays (if there are no delays due to customs clearance). But to some remote areas/countries (only for example: islands ...) it could need up to 30 businessdays!
NOTE: businessdays are monday to friday (without weekends/holidays...)

• Why we ask for telephone number?
Especially at international shipping the telephone number is often important. We will write it to the package-documents. Please write also other national specifics (for example: door codes in France; or any other information that helps to deliver your parcel) into your shipping adress

• Will our products also fit to RIGHT HAND DRIVE cars (like Great Britain...)?
Our shop offer products for left hand drive-cars. But often also they are fits for right hand drive cars. Only less products won't fit to both types. Especially at pedal caps, footrests, rubber- and carpet mats, some dashboard parts (frames for radio and navi, decor covers...), door decors, taillights, lightswitches (...) you should check before order whether they are fitting also for RHD-cars (like Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Japan, India, Australia...)!
NOTE: If we write in our shop (for example) "fitting for driverside", we mean the driverside for left hand drive-cars (like Germany, Austria, Benelux...). At RHD-cars this product maybe (!) fits for the passengerside!

• VAT-free export outside the EU-VAT-zone - VAT-refund?
If your delivery-adress is located outside the European Union-VAT-zone (=Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Israel, Russia, USA, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion and every other country outside the European Union) we have possibility to make refund of EU-VAT. Because our online shop can't calculate VAT free prices automatically, please use the message box in the order-procedure to write a short message to us (like "please refund VAT"), then we will refund VAT-amount back to your paypal-account immediately! If you use another payment methode than paypal, please get in contact to us before you make payment

• VAT-free business-purchase in the EU - VAT-refund?
If you wanna buy VAT-free with your business VAT-ID-number, please contact us, because our online shop can't calculate VAT free prices automatically. Please tell us your complete company name, complete company adress (exactly as on your VAT documents) and your VAT-ID-number. Note: Shipping is only possible to this company adress

• How to buy:
In our shop-system you could switch between GERMAN and ENGLISH: Click the small USA-flag above on this page!
If you switch to the ENGLISH version, you get most buttons and order-instructions in English.
After shipping you'll get shipping-informations with e-mail

Benachrichtigung per E-Mail
Bitte schicken Sie mir eine E-Mail, wenn folgendes Produkt noch einmal im Shop verfügbar sein sollte:
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Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre E-Mail Angabe!
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